Adequate ventilation is essential when installing any “open fronted” gas fire to ensure safety as well as correct operation. Australian Standard AS5601-2004 ( states: Ventilation must be provided for all open fronted gas fires. Ventilation is required to maintain a balance of air pressure between the room housing the gas fire and the outside. A flame needs oxygen to keep burning. Ventilation is the connection of air in the room housing the gas fire, to the outside. The vents must be installed somewhere in the area where the gas fire is located. These can be in the floor, ceiling or wall, providing they can draw air from outside. The type of vent that can be used for ventilation is varied, but must be of adequate size to satisfy the required ventilation of the fire you are installing. Open fronted fires cannot be installed in bathrooms or toilets as per AS5601-2004 (

Select a product to see its ventilation requirement:

Contemporary 690
Is ventilation required? YES If being installed in a working *
fireplace you require
Not Applicable
If being installed into a non working *
fireplace or frame out, then you require
40,000mm 2
The size of the vent, if required, can be any shape, providing the required ventilation is met.

Below are some samples of types and sizes that can be used.

Not Applicable Not Applicable
400mm x 100mm for working fireplace. 400mm x 100mm for working fireplace.
Not Applicable Not Applicable
115mm radius for working fireplace. 200mm x 200mm for working fireplace.
If you are installing this fire in a non working fireplace or in a
new frame out application, the flue size required is:
Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
* The CLEARANCE noted above is from the outer flue to any combustible product.
Note: * A working fireplace is a masonry fireplace that draws correctly. A non working firplace is one that spills. Your qualified gas fitter will be able to advise you if your fireplace is working or not.



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