Energy Efficiency

Why is energy efficiency so important?

Australian households account for nearly 20% of Australian greenhouse gas emissions. Although gas is a relatively clean fuel compared to other fuels, it is still important that we use it wisely when heating our homes.

As well as looking after our environment, we also need to ensure we choose high efficiency products to keep our energy costs under control. By using higher star rated products, you will save on your energy bills.

Take the time to compare the energy star rating of appliances. The more stars on the label, the more energy efficient the appliance. The energy label will tell you how efficient the appliance is, how much gas it will use in a typical year and the available heat output in kilowatts.


Select a product for its efficiency information:

Pyrotech Standard Inbuilt
Efficiency 2.4 Stars
Annual Gas 15849 Mj
Output 6 Kw
Input 28 Mj/Hr
Heating Area* 85 m 2
*Area heated is subject to many factors such as
geographic area, insulation, aspect ect.
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