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What is Vivente?

If you think you know electric flame fireplaces, think again.

The Vivente is a step forward into the future for electric fires. It’s the latest innovation in fireplaces and is a unique feature for your living space that will capture the attention of everyone in the room from the moment they walk in. Plus, thanks to the incredible cutting-edge technology of the Flame Connect App, you can fully control the fireplace with just a few clicks.

So, why choose a Vivente fireplace?

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The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces  

In recent years, electric fireplaces have witnessed a boom in popularity- and with good reason. The modern, electric fireplaces of today are worlds apart from earlier designs, with advanced technologies such as LED lights offering hyper realistic flames allowing changes in colour, brightness, pattern, speed and cycle pattern. Some even go the extra mile, offering audio and visual elements such as simulated sparks, crackling sounds and variable ember beds for a truly quality fireplace experience.

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